Burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc


Burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc

In this article you will learn how to burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc on Windows 8.1/8/7Vista/XP and Mac, free try best MTS to Blu-ray creator software and burn MTS to Blu-ray disc easily.

“Hi, I have just bought a new Sony camcorder and recorded some videos with it, I have transferred the videos to the computer, they are .mts files, now I want to burn the files to a blank Blu-ray disc, I was hoping that you could give me some suggestions on how to burn MTS files to a Blu-ray disc, thanks!”

MTS is a widely used video format on recording field, there are a few of cameras and camcorders use MTS as recording video format. After you have recorded a lot of video in MTS video format, you may want to backup them to your computer’s HDD or Blu-ray discs, as most users don’t know the way to backup MTS files to Blu-ray disc, in this article we will share the easiest way to burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc.

How to burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc?

In order to burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc, you will need a Blu-ray hard drive and a Blu-ray creator software, you can buy one of the popular Blu-ray drives from Amazon, and here we want to recommend the best MTS to Blu-ray disc creator for you, it is our Blu-ray creator program, with this program, you can easily burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc, burn AVCHD to Blu-ray disc, etc. besides MTS files, it supports nearly all the video formats, such as MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MXF, MP4, etc. so you can burn nearly all the videos to Blu-ray disc for backup or playback.

Now you can download the best MTS to Blu-ray disc creator, and you can follow the easy steps below to burn MTS to Blu-ray disc on your computer.

1. Free download Blu-ray creator software from our website, install and run this best MTS to Blu-ray burner on your computer, this program will help you to burn MTS files to Blu-ray disc within few clicks. Tip: If you already have Blu-ray disc movies and want to backup Blu-ray onto HDD, you can read this lossless backup Blu-ray disc article.

burn MTS to Blu-ray

2. After you launched this program, import your MTS recordings into this software, you can add batch files at one time, batch loading is supported.

3. After you loaded the MTS video files, you can edit them with the video editor in the software, this program has offered many easy-to-use features for you. You can customize audio tracks, subtitles and menus

4. After you edited the videos, please select a target format and destination. If you want to bun MTS files to Blu-ray disc directly, please choose the Blu-ray disc as the target. If you want to burn MTS files to Blu-ray folder or ISO image file, choose the target folder on the main interface. When all settings are done, please click create button to start.

Please wait until the MTS to Blu-ray disc burning process finished, when the program finished the burning process, you can get Blu-ray disc with your MTS videos, if you have other video files need to burn, you can also do the steps showed above, this software can burn all your files to Blu-ray disc or folder and ISO files, please try it, hope this software can help you.

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