Download/Install/play iTunes on Surface Pro 3


Download/Install/play iTunes on Surface Pro 3

In this article we will share the easy way to download and install iTunes on Surface Pro 3 windows tablet, and then you can play iTunes videos or songs on Surface Pro 3. Besides, you can learn how to remove protection from iTunes movies and convert iTunes movies/videos to common videos for using freely.

“Hi, I just bought a Surface Pro 3 tablet from Microsoft official website, now I am wondering how I can get my videos and movies from iTunes library onto Surface Pro 3, please help.”

Surface Pro 3 maybe the hottest windows tablet on the market, there are a lot of fans have bought this top windows tablet. After you received the Surface Pro 3, you may use it to surf the Internet, send and receive emails, write document and play movies. On the Surface Pro 3 related forums, there are many users wondering the way to play iTunes movies and music on Surface Pro 3, now in this article we will share the easy way to download iTunes to Surface Pro 3, install iTunes on Surface Pro 3 and play iTunes on Surface Pro 3 or other playable devices freely.

Download/Install/play iTunes on Surface Pro 3

Can the Surface Pro 3 run iTunes?

As Surface Pro 3 runs standard windows 8.1 Pro operating system, so it can run Apple’s iTunes program, but to surface 2 and surface RT, because they can’t run standard windows 8.1 OS, they can’t install the iTunes program. iTunes program currently requires the computer equip with Intel or AMD processor.

How to download and install iTunes on Surface Pro 3?

On Surface Pro 3 windows tablet, you can install iTunes program through the Internet Explorer, or you can transfer the iTunes installer file from USB Flash Drive or pendrive to the Surface Pro 3 tablet via USB.

Below are the easy steps for you to download and install iTunes on Surface Pro 3

1. Open your Internet explorer on your Surface Pro 3, input the website , you will see a file download window appear after you clicked the download now button, the file download window will ask you to run or save the iTunes installer file.

Download/Install/play iTunes on Surface Pro 3

2. Please install iTunes on Surface Pro 3 according to the steps that iTunes installer shows. When it finished, please plug a USB flash drive into your original computer and go to your iTunes music folder or movie folder and you will see a sub-folder labeled “iTunes”, please copy that folder to the USB flash drive and then copy the folder onto Surface Pro 3.

Note: you must make your Surface Pro 3 authorized by Apple before you play iTunes movies or TV shows.

How to remove protection from iTunes movies/tv shows and play iTunes on any devices?

There are a lot of users want to know the way to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies or tv shows, here we will share the best iTunes DRM removal software with you. Maybe you have purchased some movies or TV shows from iTunes store, these videos are all DRM protected, you can not play them on unauthorized devices. But now, with our M4VGO software, you can easily remove protection from iTunes and convert to common videos like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

Free download this iTunes video converter

Now you can follow the easy instructions below to use this iTunes movie converter, you can get iTunes movies/TV shows converted within few steps, and then you can copy iTunes movies onto any devices for watching without any limitations.

1. Download and install M4VGO on your computer, this software is the best DRM video converter, it can convert purchased iTunes movies, TV shows, Amazon Instant Video movies, Digital Copy movies to unprotected common videos. Besides, it can convert unprotected videos like MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, M4V, etc. to any formats you need. (Tip: If you need to rip Blu-ray to Surface Pro 3, you can follow the link to read.)


itunes movie converter

2. Install this iTunes movie converter, launch it and import the video files that you want to convert.

3. Choose output format, here you can choose MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. formats for output. MP4 format is recommended because it has best compatibility.

iTunes to MP4 Converter

4. Click convert button to start. The software will convert iTunes movies to the format you need.

When the program finished the iTunes movie conversion, you can copy converted movies to any portable devices or playable devices, and then you can play iTunes movies on any devices freely. Besides convert iTunes movies, if you need to lossless backup Blu-ray movies, you can click the link to learn more conversion tips.

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